ClarityClient is a Java package that provides an interface to the REST API for the Clarity LIMS, a popular laboratory management system used by the Genomics Core facility at Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. It provides Java and Groovy developers a means to work with the Clarity REST API using objects rather than XML or DOM document trees.

ClarityClient was developed by Richard Bowers to support the automated processing of sequencing data generated by the Genomics Core facility. The package is available from the GitHub repository.


  1. Automatic conversion between XML and Java objects.

  2. Automatic handling of exceptions from the server.

  3. Automatic and transparent use of batch retrieve, update and create mechanisms where available.

  4. Creation of files with the upload to the file store (likewise file removal).

  5. Optional transparent caching mechanism.

  6. Debugging classes to show traffic and timings between the client and server.