Staff disclosure of interests

Personal profiles for all of our staff are available on the Our Staff pages.

If a member of staff has connections with any commercial or ‘for-profit’ organisation, their profile page may include a disclosure-of-interests table. The columns in the table are explained below.

Last revised

The date on which the staff member last published their disclosure information.


A commercial or ‘for-profit’ organisation which the staff member has a connection with.


If “Yes” is shown, the member of staff has an active relationship with the company. Disclosure is not required when there has been no activity for more than 3 years.

Research Funding

If “Yes” is shown, the member of staff has received research grants which have benefited their research group.  This includes benefits in kind, for example, free drugs or reagents.


If the staff member has a financial ownership interest in a company, “Yes” is shown in this column if either of the following is true:

  • the company could reasonably be seen as having activity related to their work activity
  • the capital value of the staff member’s shares in the company is >20% of their Institute salary

Royalty Payments

If “Yes” is shown, the staff member has received royalty payments which are related to this company, even if received via another entity (e.g. Cambridge Enterprise).

Commitment to carry out work for a fee

If “Yes” is shown, the staff member has an ongoing arrangement for which a fee is paid for work carried out, even if not formally an employment relationship.  Includes, for example, a term appointment to an Scientific Advisory Board, or the editorship of a journal for a ‘for-profit’ publisher.

Ad hoc reimbursed Work

If “Yes” is shown, the staff member has ad-hoc arrangements to conduct work for which a fee is paid. Includes sitting on a one-off advisory panel, or appearing as expert witness for the company.


If “Yes” is shown, the company has reimbursed the staff member for travel costs.  Reimbursement of actual travel costs for clearly justified scientific meeting at business class equivalent or below do not need to be disclosed.


If “Yes” is shown, the staff member has received a gift of more than £25 in value.