King's and Clare Colleges, view from the Backs

Every University of Cambridge student is a member of a College, where enthusiasts from all disciplines meet and provide enrichment across subject boundaries.

College support

There are many advantages to being a member of a College. These include induction in your first weeks; ongoing academic and pastoral support from your tutor and Postgraduate Office; accommodation and catering; financial advice and assistance; social, cultural, and sporting facilities; and opportunities for research, teaching, and professional development, through interdisciplinary seminars or intergenerational networks of College members.

Colleges also administer formal processes, including matriculation (formally joining the University and College) and graduation.

Middle Common Room 

A key element of College life is the Middle Common Room, a term widely used both for the postgraduate student body and for the shared space and associated facilities that postgraduate students enjoy in College. Using such facilities and participating in your College’s postgraduate society can be rewarding – and you can make a real difference by ensuring that the College knows about current and future student needs.

Choosing a College

During the application process, you can indicate two College preferences for College membership or you can make an open application that will allow the application portal to make College choices for you. For more information on choosing a College, visit the University Postgraduate Admissions site

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