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Genomics core facility

We provide access to state-of-the-art DNA and RNA analysis instruments, methods and applications, and in particular next generation sequencing.


Next Generation Sequencing:

The Genomics core provides access to the latest Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies for the researchers in the CRUK CI. These allow unbiased genome-wide experiments to be performed that enable researchers to see, at base-pair resolution, what the underlying sequence differences are in cancer genomes. The core also provides a library preparation service for genomes, exomes, amplicones, RNA-seq and ChIP-seq experiments.

Real-time PCR:

The core also provides real-time PCR instruments that run 384-well plates to reduce costs and increase throughput.  qPCR is commonly used for lower throughput gene expression analysis but SNP genotyping, allelic expression and copy number can all be run on the same platform.  We also provide a, digital PCR, and amplicon-based target enrichment for NGS.

Library preparation:

Other technologies in the Facility include Agilent Bioanalyser and Agilent TapeStation capillary electrophoresis instruments to quality control RNA and DNA samples before genomic analysis, a Covaris sonicators, Agilent Bravo robots for automated liquid handling, and Qiagen robotics for nucleic acid extraction. We use external Sanger sequencing service providers.

Single-cell sequencing:

Commercially available instuments enabling single-cell library preparation and sequencing are the newest additions to the Genomics Core. We offer access to Fluidigm C1 instuments for high-throughput microfluidic single cell gene expression analysis, 10X Genomics Chromium instrument for single-cell 3’RNA, 5’RNA, V(D)J analysis as well as phased genome analysis.