Taichi Arch - Gate of Health, sculpture outside of the CRUK Cambridge Institute

We are proud of the strength and success that comes from the diverse research environment that we have at our Institute.

We aspire to create a supportive culture of respect and fairness for all but recognise that the uncomfortable truth is that many people at the university do not always experience fairness, or have access to the same opportunities as others.

We recognise there is work to be done to address inclusion more broadly and we encourage all staff to join us in our drive to end all forms of discrimination in research and the wider community. We don’t want to just vocally support these critical issues; we are committed to creating an immediate action plan to help us do better. 

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion action plan will encompass:

  • An honest assessment of where we are now: we need to identify the barriers to entry and success and work at removing them.
  • Expanding our diversity champions into a formal EDI committee
  • Developing our training offering 
  • Creating opportunities for voices to be heard and acted upon, including the introduction of a reverse mentoring scheme to matching leaders with staff from an under-represented community to build understanding and improve our employees’ experience.
  • Expanding and developing outreach programmes 
  • Consulting external advisors and working closely with equality networks
  • Reviewing staff and student recruitment protocols 
  • Embedding desired behaviours and actions into our culture 
  • Calculating and reporting annually on gender and race pay gap statistics and taking proactive actions to bridge gaps. 
  • Annual reporting on progress to ensure full accountability and consistent effort over time. 

You can read more about the University of Cambridge’s equality, diversity and inclusion policy here, and Cancer Research UK’s policy here.