Raza Ali

Ali Group

Systems Cancer Pathology Lab

Shankar Balasubramanian

Balasubramanian Group

Chemical biology

Giulia Biffi

Biffi Group

Our Laboratory focuses on identifying more effective cancer treatments fo…

Sarah Bohndiek


Imaging oxygen and oxidative stress

James Brenton

Brenton Group

Functional genomics of ovarian cancer

Kevin Brindle

Brindle Group

Molecular imaging (MRI and MRS)

Carlos Caldas

Caldas Group

Breast cancer functional genomics

Jason Carroll

Carroll Group

Nuclear receptor transcription

Maike De La Roche

de la Roche Group

Cancer immunology

Doug Fearon

Fearon Group

Cancer and immunology

Fanni Gergely

Gergely Group

Centrosome biology

Richard Gilbertson

Gilbertson Group

Cellular and molecular origins of cancer

Tim Halim

Halim Group

Cancer immunology

Greg Hannon

Hannon Group

Small RNAs and mammalian genomics

IMAXT Laboratory

IMAXT Laboratory

Tumours in 3D

Duncan Jodrell

Jodrell Group

Pharmacology and drug development

John Marioni

Marioni Group

Single-cell and computational biology

Florian Markowetz

Markowetz Group

Computational biology

Martin Miller

Miller Group

Cancer systems biology

Masashi Narita

Narita Group

Cellular senescence and tumour suppressors

Duncan Odom

Odom Group

Genomic and regulatory variation

Bruce Ponder

Ponder Group

Genetic susceptibility to cancer

Nitzan Rosenfeld

Rosenfeld Group

Molecular and computational diagnostics

Simon Tavaré

Tavaré Group

Statistics and computational biology

Doug Winton

Winton Group

Stem cell biology of the intestine

Former Group Leaders

Former Group Leaders