Annual Funding

Our Institute is one of four Cancer Research UK Institutes, receiving £21.1 million a year in core funding from the charity. This core funding enables the Institute to provide an outstanding environment in which to train and develop scientists. The award supports our core facilities and allows Research Group Leaders to expand their teams and explore innovative new ideas.

Along with the core funding, the research in the Institute is funded by a number of organisations. We currently have 139 active research grants at the Institute, with £10.8 million received from Cancer Research UK and the remainder from many other funding bodies.

Overall, the total funding of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute for 2022/23 is £57.5 million.

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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute Funding 2022/23

With thanks to all the organisations funding research at the Institute:

Academy of Medical Sciences
Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust
Alan Turing Institute
Alborada Trust
Anticancer Fund
Aprea AB
Biochemistry Society
Brain Research UK
Brain Tumour Charity
Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand
Breast Cancer Now
British Council
Cancer Research Malaysia
Cancer Research Technology
Children’s Cancer & Leukaemia Group
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
Cancer Research UK
ETH Zurich
EU Horizon 2020
GE Medical Systems Ltd
Innovate UK
Intensive Care Society
Ivy Farm Technologies
Leverhulme Trust
Mark Foundation
The Minderoo Foundation
Medical Research Council
Multiple Sclerosis Society
National Physical Laboratory
Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
Pancreatic Cancer UK
PEW Charitable Trusts
Prostate Cancer UK
Royal College of Physicians
Royal Society
Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research
Sohn Foundation
St Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Tailor Bio
Target Ovarian Cancer
University Health Network
University of Glasgow
University of Newcastle
US Army
Varsity Pharmaceuticals Limited
Wellcome Trust Leap Inc.