The Scientific Administrations team is responsible for the graduate student programme, the Institute’s seminar programmes, symposia, various Institute events, group leader and core facility reviews and all aspects of internal and external communications.

Graduate Programme

The Institute’s Graduate Education Programme is overseen by Dr Ann Kaminski, from student recruitment to thesis submission.  The team coordinates graduate training courses and organises the meetings and the policy documents for the Studentships and Fellowships Committee, which oversees all matters in the Institute pertaining to graduate students. Members of the team also attend meetings of the Cancer Biology Graduate Education Committee.

We are also responsible for summer student placements at the Institute. A few studentships are available to individuals identified and selected by Group Leaders. If you would like to enquire about a studentship please get in touch with your preferred Group Leader.

Event Organisation

Each year, we hold the CRUK Cambridge Institute International Symposium. The Symposium is a fantastic opportunity to hear from world-leading researchers and network with colleagues from across the  UK and beyond. The 2019 International Symposium’s theme is Radical Approaches to Cancer Prevention.

Along with the main symposium, there are several seminar series that take place at CRUK Cambridge Institute. These include the Oncology Seminar Series, Seminars in Cancer and the Lectures in Cancer Biology series, details of which can be found on the Seminars page. We also organise the Wednesday Lunchtime Seminars, an opportunity for PhD students and Postdocs to present their work to colleagues for constructive feedback.


The Team is responsible for internal and external communications, raising the profile of the Institute to both the scientific community and the public. Responsibilities include maintaining and improving the Institute’s website and social media channels, producing a number of publications, working with the CRUK Research Engagement Manager to organise public engagement events, and compiling metrics to measure the institutes output and impact on the cancer research field, ensuring the Institute is producing world leading results.

We also interact with the media to promote the Institute and it’s activities including producing video content and working with the University of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK Press teams. If you have a media query, please get in touch.

Head of Scientific Administration

Department Members

Research Administrator