Laboratory Management

The Institute Laboratory Manager oversees the Laboratory Management team as well as the Glasswash and Media Facility, both of which are key in supporting the research activities within the Institute.

The Laboratory Management team maintain communal equipment and facilities such as cold rooms, equipment rooms and tissue culture rooms at containment level 1 and 2. Institute service contracts, laboratory equipment database and the asset register are also managed by the team.

Floor Laboratory Support

Each floor is supported by a Floor Laboratory Manager and Laboratory Support Assistant. The Floor Laboratory Manager is the go-to person for research staff on the floor, providing day-to-day training, advice and troubleshooting on shared equipment. The Laboratory Support Assistant monitors the consumables stocks within the laboratories and tissue culture rooms and carries out routine maintenance on a wide variety of laboratory equipment, particularly in the communal areas.

Scientific Support Assistants

The Scientific Support Assistants order and distribute core consumable stocks as well as specialist compressed gas cylinders around the building. They also provide a service to some of the core facilities by managing the fills of liquid nitrogen/helium and work closely with Health and Safety by arranging the safe disposal of chemical waste.

Glasswash and Media

The Glasswash and Media Service is part of the Laboratory Management team and plays an essential role in supporting the Institute’s research. As well as providing a high-quality, centralised glass washing and sterile supplies service the team produces a range of basic solutions that are replenished in the labs on a daily basis. More complex solutions and media can be supplied on request. The team also manages a consignment stock of cell culture reagents and organises the recycling of plastic ware, including Winchester bottles, pipette tip boxes and other non-hazardous plastic/glass bottles.

Head of Laboratory Management