Welcome to the Scientific Computing home page at the CRUK CI

The team aims to provide world-class scientific computing facilities to the Institute’s researchers. This includes personal computing equipment, communication devices, high performance networking, database and information systems, high performance computing equipment and high volume data storage systems, in a controlled operational environment.

High Performance Computing

The Institute has a 1300 core, High Throughput Computing cluster, running the SLURM job scheduler. The cluster has dual InfiniBand based, Lustre scratch file systems. It also provides 2 dedicated GPU nodes, each with 8 GPUs, for deep learning and classification type jobs.

Research area specific databases, application servers, and additional network storage, can also be provided.

If these resources are required for your research, you will be given introductory training and access to the systems.


If you need training or advice on any aspect of computing we can provide training or consultancy on the use of applications, programming or use of high performance computing facilities.