Students have access to a comprehensive support network, comprising academic supervisors and advisors as well as administrative and welfare professionals.


All PhD students have a Principal Supervisor, who is appointed by the Degree Committee to direct and assist students in their research. Some students may also have a second supervisor, most likely a post-doc in the Research Group who has an interest in the project and can help with day-to-day supervision. If a research project is interdisciplinary, a second supervisor with experience in the additional field may be appointed. 


PhD students are encouraged to identify an Adviser. This person can be from any department in Cambridge and students are expected to meet their Adviser from time to time to discuss aspects of their work and progress.

Thesis Committee

With the support of their supervisor, students are asked to propose members for a Thesis Committee. Thesis Committees enhance the student experience by providing a more rounded and objective measure of research performance, and are additional people a student can seek advice from independently from their principal supervisor. PhD students will meet with their Thesis Committee a minimum of 5 times during their studies to discuss progress and future plans. 

Departmental Graduate Administrator

The Institute’s Graduate Education Programme is overseen by Dr Ann Kaminski, from student recruitment to thesis submission. She is the first port of call for matters that are not project related, such as first year reports, thesis submissions and applying for intermission.

Addenbrooke’s Graduate Forum

The Addenbrooke’s Graduate Forum (AGF) was founded by a small group of students in 2016. The Forum aims to support students to explore career options, build transferable skills and foster interdepartmental interactions through networking and social events. 

College Tutor

All students at the University of Cambridge have a College Tutor who has general oversight of student welfare, with regard to academic, administrative and pastoral care.