Flow cytometry

The flow cytometry core is capable of cytometric analysis, cell sorting and can help with experimental design.

Flow Cytometry offers a full range of educational and cytometric services that include stem cell analysis, immunophenotyping, cell cycle analysis, translocation and co-localisation of cell activation markers, chromatin density, and apoptotic and necrotic analyses. The Facility also performs cell sorting for researchers so that they can isolate cell populations needed for further studies, including stem cell purification and rare cell sorting.

We have the following equipment available:

FACS Aria SORP (BD Biosciences)

This is a high-speed cell sorter. It is equipped with five lasers, a UV, 407 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 633 nm. The optical configuration allows researchers to see three UV, six violet, two green, six blue and three red parameters.

LSR II (BD Biosciences)

This is an analytical bench top flow cytometer. It is comprised of four lasers: a UV, a violet (407 nm), a blue (488 nm) and a red (633 nm). The optical configurations allow users to see two UV, six violet, seven blue and three red fluorescent parameters.

FACS Caliburs (BD Biosciences)

These two machines are routinely used for phenotyping (to look at antigen, cytokine, or GFP expression), cell cycle analysis, and apoptosis studies. One is equipped with 488 nm and 635 nm lasers that allow users to see six parameters, and the other is modified with a 488 nm and 561 nm laser for fluorescent protein analysis.

ImageStream (Amnis)

This is a combination of flow cytometry and microscopy. The Image Stream takes a picture of each cell as it passes through a flow cell and gives each individual fluorescent image or a composite image for analysis. In addition to receiving images, all fluorescence is quantitatively analysed. There are 488 nm, 405 nm and 658 nm lasers that allow up to six parameters that can be observed and saved.

RoboSep (Stem Cell Technologies)

This is a magnetic bead separator unit.  It has customisable programs allowing positive or negative selection of virtually any cell type from any species. Up to four samples can be processed simultaneously.

Vicells (Beckman Coulter)

These two machines are cell analysers capable of measuring cell viability, cell count, and cell size.

Influx cell sorter (BD Biosciences)

This is a high speed cell sorter contained within a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, for sorting unscreened live human cells. Equipped with 4 lasers: 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 640 nm. Optical configuration allows for three violet, three blue, four green and two red excited parameters.

We will be joining with other University institutes in setting up a Mass Cytometry facility to enable highly multiparametric single cell analysis of biological samples.

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