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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute University of Cambridge Li Ka Shing Centre Robinson Way Cambridge CB2 0RE

Landscapes of cellular phenotypic diversity in breast cancer xenografts and their impact on drug response.

E-pub date: 28 Feb 2021

NRG1 fusions in breast cancer.

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2020

The molecular landscape of Asian breast cancers reveals clinically relevant population-specific differences.

E-pub date: 30 Nov 2020

Metabolic Imaging Detects Resistance to PI3Kα Inhibition Mediated by Persistent FOXM1 Expression in ER+ Breast Cancer

E-pub date: 01 Sep 2020

Three-Dimensional Printed Molds for Image-Guided Surgical Biopsies: An Open Source Computational Platform.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2020

Landscape of G-quadruplex DNA structural regions in breast cancer.

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2020

Integrative radiogenomics for virtual biopsy and treatment monitoring in ovarian cancer.

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2020

Tissue-specific and interpretable sub-segmentation of whole tumour burden on CT images by unsupervised fuzzy clustering.

E-pub date: 01 May 2020

DNA copy number motifs are strong and independent predictors of survival in breast cancer.

E-pub date: 31 Mar 2020

Imaging mass cytometry and multiplatform genomics define the phenogenomic landscape of breast cancer

E-pub date: 01 Feb 2020

BET inhibition as a rational therapeutic strategy for invasive lobular breast cancer.

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2019

EN1 is a transcriptional dependency in triple-negative breast cancer associated with brain metastasis.

E-pub date: 31 May 2019

3D-printed moulds of renal tumours for image-guided tissue sampling in the clinical setting

E-pub date: 31 May 2019

Dynamics of breast-cancer relapse reveal late-recurring ER-positive genomic subgroups.

E-pub date: 28 Feb 2019

SOX4 can redirect TGF-β-mediated SMAD3-transcriptional output in a context-dependent manner to promote tumorigenesis.

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2018

MAP3K1 and MAP2K4 mutations are associated with sensitivity to MEK inhibitors in multiple cancer models.

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2018

Shallow whole genome sequencing for robust copy number profiling of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded breast cancers.

E-pub date: 01 Jun 2018

Dynamics of multiple resistance mechanisms in plasma DNA during EGFR-targeted therapies in non-small cell lung cancer.

E-pub date: 01 Jun 2018

Technical Note: Extension of CERR for computational radiomics: A comprehensive MATLAB platform for reproducible radiomics research.

E-pub date: 31 May 2018

Predicting hypoxia status using a combination of contrast-enhanced computed tomography and [18F]-Fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography radiomics features.

E-pub date: 01 Apr 2018

Associations between genomic stratification of breast cancer and centrally reviewed tumour pathology in the METABRIC cohort.

E-pub date: 07 Mar 2018

Combined FDG and CT Radiomics Features Predict FMISO Uptake in Head and Neck Cancer

E-pub date: 30 Sep 2017

PO-0890: PET-based radiobiological modeling of changes in tumor hypoxia during chemoradiotherapy

E-pub date: 01 May 2017

A radiobiological model of radiotherapy response and its correlation with prognostic imaging variables.

E-pub date: 31 Mar 2017

A Biobank of Breast Cancer Explants with Preserved Intra-tumor Heterogeneity to Screen Anticancer Compounds.

E-pub date: 22 Sep 2016

High Jet Multiplicity Physics at the LHC

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2016

WE-AB-202-11: Radiobiological Modeling of Tumor Response During Radiotherapy Based On Pre-Treatment Dynamic PET Imaging Data.

E-pub date: 01 Jun 2016

Search for new phenomena in final states with large jet multiplicities and missing transverse momentum with ATLAS using √s=13 TeV proton–proton collisions

E-pub date: 31 May 2016

The somatic mutation profiles of 2,433 breast cancers refines their genomic and transcriptomic landscapes.

E-pub date: 10 May 2016

Measurement of four-jet differential cross sections in √s=8 TeV proton-proton collisions using the ATLAS detector

E-pub date: 30 Nov 2015

Summary of the ATLAS experiment’s sensitivity to supersymmetry after LHC Run 1 — interpreted in the phenomenological MSSM

E-pub date: 30 Sep 2015

Progesterone receptor modulates ERα action in breast cancer.

E-pub date: 16 Jul 2015

A tumor DNA complex aberration index is an independent predictor of survival in breast and ovarian cancer.

E-pub date: 31 Jan 2015

BCL11A is a triple-negative breast cancer gene with critical functions in stem and progenitor cells.

E-pub date: 09 Jan 2015

Genome-driven integrated classification of breast cancer validated in over 7,500 samples.

E-pub date: 28 Aug 2014

JARID1B is a luminal lineage-driving oncogene in breast cancer.

E-pub date: 16 Jun 2014

Search for new phenomena in final states with large jet multiplicities and missing transverse momentum at √s = 8 TeV proton-proton collisions using the ATLAS experiment

E-pub date: 30 Sep 2013

Finding common regions of alteration in copy number data.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2013

Analysis of circulating tumor DNA to monitor metastatic breast cancer.

E-pub date: 28 Mar 2013

A new genome-driven integrated classification of breast cancer and its implications.

E-pub date: 06 Mar 2013

Endogenous purification reveals GREB1 as a key estrogen receptor regulatory factor.

E-pub date: 21 Feb 2013

A Bayesian HMM with random effects and an unknown number of states for DNA copy number analysis

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2012

A tumor DNA complexity index is an independent predictor of survival in a dataset of 1950 breast cancers; a METABRIC group study.

E-pub date: 30 Nov 2012

Quantitative image analysis of cellular heterogeneity in breast tumors complements genomic profiling (Science Translational Medicine (2012) 4, (161er6))

E-pub date: 31 Oct 2012

TGFβ induces the formation of tumour-initiating cells in claudinlow breast cancer.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2012

The genomic and transcriptomic architecture of 2,000 breast tumours reveals novel subgroups.

E-pub date: 18 Apr 2012

The clonal and mutational evolution spectrum of primary triple-negative breast cancers.

E-pub date: 04 Apr 2012

Toward early-warning detection of gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence

E-pub date: 31 Mar 2012

Depth-dose distribution of proton beams using inelastic-collision cross sections of liquid water

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2010

Detection of recurrent copy number alterations in the genome: taking among-subject heterogeneity seriously.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2009

RJaCGH: Bayesian analysis of aCGH arrays for detecting copy number changes and recurrent regions.

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2009

Triage-driven diagnosis for early detection of esophageal cancer using deep learning

E-pub date: 01 Jan 1970

Integrated Multi-Tumor Radio-Genomic Marker of Outcomes in Patients with High Serous Ovarian Carcinoma

E-pub date: 01 Jan 1970

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