Senior Management

Professor Greg Hannon,

Prof Hannon joined the Institute in 2014 as a Senior Group Leader, after spending more than 20 years at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. He became Director on 1 February 2018, taking over from Professor Simon Tavaré. Read more.

Karen Woodey,
Director of Operations

Karen Woodey joined as Director of Operations on 1 August 2019. Karen is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the Institute including long-term strategic planning and providing support and infrastructure to the Director.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Institute is guided and supported by an international Scientific Advisory Board.

The Board visits the Institute annually and is shared with the CRUK Cambridge Centre, to ensure the two are working in alignment.

Prof Douglas Fearon,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

The Fearon laboratory studies the interaction between cancer and the immune system. Read more.

Prof Elaine Fuchs,
The Rockefeller University

Fuchs is renowned for her research in skin biology, its stem cells and associated genetic disorders, particularly cancers. Read more.

Prof Ed Harlow
Harvard Medical School

Ed Harlow and his laboratory study the mechanisms that underlie the early stages of cancer development. Read more.

Prof Johanna Joyce,
University of Lausanne

Johanna Joyce’s laboratory investigates the microenvironment in which a tumour arises and the critical influence that non-cancerous immune and stromal cells can have on tumour progression and metastasis. Read more.

Prof Peter Jones,
Van Andel Research Institute

Jones’ laboratory discovered the effects of 5-azacytidine on cytosine methylation and first established the link between DNA methylation, gene expression and differentiation. Read more.

Dr Scott Lowe,
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre

Lowe’s laboratory applies mouse models, functional genomics and cancer genomics in a coordinated effort to identify cancer drivers and dependencies. Read more.

Dr Charles J. Sherr,
St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Sherr pioneered studies of oncogenes and tumour suppressors, the mechanics of cell division cycle control, and the manner by which key cell cycle regulators are perturbed in cancer. Read more.