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Authors Research group E-pub datesort ascending Journal name Citation info
Isolation and Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of Human Fetal and iPSC-De... E. Welby, J. Lakowski, V. Di Foggia, D. Budinger, A. Gonzalez-Cordero, A.T.... Marioni Group 21 Nov 2017 Stem Cell Reports n/a
Identification of unique neoantigen qualities in long-term survivors of pan... V.P. Balachandran, M. Luksza, J.N. Zhao, V. Makarov, J.A. Moral, R. Remark,... Jodrell Group, Fearon Group 14 Nov 2017 Nature n/a
The emergence of piRNAs against transposon invasion to preserve mammalian g... C. Ernst, D.T. Odom and C. Kutter Odom Group 12 Nov 2017 Nat Commun 8(1):1411
f-scLVM: scalable and versatile factor analysis for single-cell RNA-seq F. Buettner, N. Pratanwanich, D.J. McCarthy, J.C. Marioni and O. Stegle Marioni Group 9 Nov 2017 Genome Biol 18(1):212
Machine learning model for sequence-driven DNA G-quadruplex formation A.B. Sahakyan, V.S. Chambers, G. Marsico, T. Santner, M. Di Antonio and S. ... Balasubramanian Group 8 Nov 2017 Sci Rep 7(1):14535
mTORC1-Mediated Inhibition of 4EBP1 Is Essential for Hedgehog Signaling-Dri... C.C. Wu, S. Hou, B.A. Orr, B.R. Kuo, Y.H. Youn, T. Ong, F. Roth, C.G. Eberh... Gilbertson Group 7 Nov 2017 Dev Cell n/a
PDX-MI: Minimal Information for Patient-Derived Tumor Xenograft Models T.F. Meehan, N. Conte, T. Goldstein, G. Inghirami, M.A. Murakami, S. Brabet... Caldas Group 3 Nov 2017 Cancer Res 77(21):e62-e66
Exploration of human brain tumour metabolism using pairwise metabolite-meta... B. Madhu, A. Jauhiainen, S. McGuire and J.R. Griffiths Griffiths Group 27 Oct 2017 PLoS One 12(10):e0185980
Fumarate Hydratase Loss Causes Combined Respiratory Chain Defects P.A. Tyrakis, M.E. Yurkovich, M. Sciacovelli, E.K. Papachristou, H.R. Bridg... Griffiths Group, Proteomics 27 Oct 2017 Cell Rep 21(4):1036-47
Local epigenetic reprogramming induced by G-quadruplex ligands G. Guilbaud, P. Murat, B. Recolin, B.C. Campbell, A. Maiter, J.E. Sale and ... Balasubramanian Group 25 Oct 2017 Nat Chem 9(11):1110-17