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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

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Understanding the tumor immune microenvironment (TIME) for effective therap... M. Binnewies, E.W. Roberts, K. Kersten, V. Chan, D.F. Fearon, M. Merad, L.M... Fearon Group 17 May 2018 Nat Med 24(5):541-50
CSF1R(+) Macrophages Sustain Pancreatic Tumor Growth through T Cell Suppres... J.B. Candido, J.P. Morton, P. Bailey, A.D. Campbell, S.A. Karim, T. Jamieso... Jodrell Group 1 May 2018 Cell Rep 23(5):1448-60
High USP6NL levels in breast cancer sustain chronic AKT phosphorylation and... D. Avanzato, E. Pupo, N. Ducano, C. Isella, G. Bertalot, C. Luise, S. Pece,... Caldas Group 24 Apr 2018 Cancer Res n/a
Integrative kinome profiling identifies mTORC1/2 inhibition as treatment st... J.J. Caumanns, K. Berns, G.B.A. Wisman, R.S.N. Fehrmann, T. Tomar, H. Klip,... Brenton Group 23 Apr 2018 Clin Cancer Res n/a
Optoacoustics delineates murine breast cancer models displaying angiogenesi... I. Quiros-Gonzalez, M.R. Tomaszewski, S.J. Aitken, L. Ansel-Bollepalli, L.A... Bohndiek Group 26 Mar 2018 Br J Cancer n/a
Repeat associated mechanisms of genome evolution and function revealed by t... D. Thybert, M. Roller, F.C.P. Navarro, I. Fiddes, I. Streeter, C. Feig, D. ... Odom Group 21 Mar 2018 Genome Res n/a
Interactions Between Genetic Variants and Environmental Factors Affect Risk... J. Dong, D.M. Levine, M.F. Buas, R. Zhang, L. Onstad, R.C. Fitzgerald, D.A.... Caldas Group 20 Mar 2018 Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol n/a
Division-independent differentiation mandates proliferative competition amo... A. Reilein, D. Melamed, S. Tavare and D. Kalderon Tavaré Group 19 Mar 2018 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A n/a
Development of a highly sensitive liquid biopsy platform to detect clinical... D. Gale, A.R.J. Lawson, K. Howarth, M. Madi, B. Durham, S. Smalley, J. Cala... Rosenfeld Group 17 Mar 2018 PLoS One 13(3):e0194630
Analytical validation of a next generation sequencing liquid biopsy assay f... V. Plagnol, S. Woodhouse, K. Howarth, S. Lensing, M. Smith, M. Epstein, M. ... Rosenfeld Group 16 Mar 2018 PLoS One 13(3):e0193802