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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

The CRUK CI Graduate Society Committee

The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute is a joint venture between the Charity, Cancer Research UK, and the University of Cambridge. The Institute opened in 2007 and has excellent state-of-the-art facilities. Research ranges from basic cancer biology and computational biology through to translational research and clinical application.

The Institute currently has approximately 60 graduate students, approximately 1/3 are from the UK, 1/3 are from the EU and 1/3 are from further afield. Graduate students play pivotal roles in the continuing success of our research programmes and gaining a studentship in the Institute is an excellent opportunity to start a research career in an environment committed to training outstanding cancer research scientists of the future.

More details about your application, fees, and other entry requirements can be found below, or on the graduate admissions website. The University and the CRUK CI value diversity and are committed to equality of opportunity.

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PhD study at CRUK CI

The PhD in Medical Science in CRUK CI is a research course in which each student studies in the research laboratory of their principal supervisor, with close interaction with their graduate and post-doctoral colleagues. Each student will be work on a specific project that will be aligned with and contribute to the overall objectives of the lab. Students are expected to take ownership of their projects and to drive them forward with assistance from other members of the Institute. Students are supported to submit their theses within 4 years of commencing study, and to prepare their research findings for publication in scientific journals.

About half of our PhD students receive studentships from Cancer Research UK. In addition, studentship funding is available from grants held by individual research groups and we also host students on the MB/PhD programme and clinical research training fellows. We welcome applications from students who have won competitive fellowships.

Professor Kevin Brindle is currently advertising a Clinical Research Training Fellowship (CRTF) to start study in October 2018.

If more studentships become available during the year, they will be advertised here.

MPhil in Medical Science

The MPhil course in Medical Science in CRUK CI is a research course in which each student is integrated into the research laboratory of their supervisor. The MPhil student works alongside other graduate and post-doctoral colleagues on a specified project agreed with the supervisor. The student is expected to contribute to the advancement of the research in the laboratory and is supported to write a thesis towards the end of their study period. MPhil students are encouraged to attend scientific talks of interest and to take appropriate training courses that support their study. They are also expected to participate in all aspects of graduate student life in the Institute. The Institute accepts only a few MPhil students every year, and in the main, applicants are successful if they are recognised as bringing a valuable technique/methodology to the lab.

Funding: There is a single studentship available from the Institute, so we recommend that students explore alternative funding options before applying. Details about funding options are on the graduate studies website.

How to apply: Prior to submitting the University’s on-line application form, you should identify a supervisor in the Institute who is willing to host you for MPhil study.

Further details: For more details about the MPhil programme see the graduate admissions website.

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Summer studentships

Most Group Leaders will consider applications from penultimate or final year undergraduate students for summer placements. To apply for a summer placement, first decide which research group you would like to join. Then please submit by email, to the Group Leader, a two-page CV (including the contact details of two referees), a one-page covering letter and a transcript of any examination marks received so far.

Please do not send a general application to the Institute as we cannot select a lab on your behalf, nor can we pass your details on to any Group Leader.

If a Group Leader decides to host you s/he can apply for one of a limited number of Cancer Research UK summer studentships. To qualify for this funding, you will need to be available for 10 weeks of study. The studentships are open to UK and EU nationals and students who already have a Tier 4 visa. We also welcome applications from students who have their own funding. In the past we have hosted Amgen scholars, and those on the Erasmus exchange programme. Many scientific societies have bursaries available for students to complete summer placements.

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Graduate Society

All graduate students at CRUK CI are a part of GradSoc – the Institute’s own graduate society, run by the students for students! GradSoc organises a range of social events for CRUK CI students throughout the year, aiming to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere to make students’ time at CRUK CI even more enjoyable. GradSoc also organises journal clubs and meet the speaker sessions. These help students develop presentation, communication and critical reviewing skills and give graduate students the chance to meet seminar speakers in a relaxed environment.

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