Developing a therapeutic strategy for choroid plexus carcinomas


Choroid plexus carcinomas (CPCs) are rare, aggressive malignant tumours of the central nervous system occurring mainly in children under the age of one. While advances in clinical and molecular stratification have enabled risk-adapted treatment planning and improvements in outcome for many types of childhood brain tumours, there has not been equivalent progress for children with CPC. In order to elucidate a coordinated therapeutic strategy for children with CPC, it is imperative to develop in vitro and in vivo models to improve our understanding of the mechanisms underlying tumourigenesis. 

 Current research

Our efforts aim to improve understanding of CPC formation and the transformation of the choroid as well as new and improved treatments for patients affected by choroid plexus carcinoma. Not only are we looking for a “standard of care” that is currently nonexistent for CPC, but we are also looking for one that will have minimal side effects and, therefore, not jeopardise the future of affected children.