RD Baird, DSP Tan, SB Kaye
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Nat Rev Clin Oncol
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Weekly paclitaxel is a highly active and well tolerated regimen that is increasingly being adopted for the treatment of relapsed ovarian cancer. This regimen is usually administered at 80-90 mg/m(2)/week, and the use of a 1 h infusion helps minimize myelosuppression. When compared with the 3-weekly schedule, weekly paclitaxel is better tolerated, with a reduced frequency of grade 3-4 toxic effects. Single-agent weekly paclitaxel for relapsed ovarian cancer yields response rates in the range of 20-62%; however, response duration can be short. Responses to weekly paclitaxel have been observed in patients whose tumors are resistant to 3-weekly paclitaxel. The level of activity of weekly paclitaxel for relapsed disease has led to its detailed evaluation in the first-line setting, and interest has been enhanced by the results of a Japanese Gynecological Oncology Group study that demonstrated a survival advantage for weekly paclitaxel compared with 3-weekly paclitaxel in combination with carboplatin as initial treatment. The enhanced efficacy of weekly paclitaxel may be due to greater drug exposure, a direct antiangiogenic effect, or both. Current research topics include the combination of weekly paclitaxel with molecular-targeted agents and the use of molecular profiling to better select patients for treatment.
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31 Oct 2010
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