M Yao, F Latif, ML Orcutt, I Kuzmin, T Stackhouse, FW Zhou, K Tory, FM Duh, F Richards, E Maher
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Hum Genet
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Von Hippel-Lindau disease (VHL) is an inherited multisystem neoplastic disorder. We prepared a 2.5-megabase (Mb) restriction map of the region surrounding the VHL gene and identified and characterized overlapping deletions in three unrelated patients affected with VHL. The smallest nested deletion (100 kb) was located within a 510-kb NruI fragment detected by 19-63'. The rearrangements detected will be useful in isolating and evaluating candidate cDNAs for the VHL gene. The detailed physical map will be useful in studying the organization and structure of genes in the VHL region.
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01 Dec 1993
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