TJ Wilson, BA Ponder, NA Wright
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Cell Tissue Kinet
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The pattern of cells migration in the small intestinal epithelia of a RIII/ro----C57BL/6J mouse aggregation chimaera is demonstrated using Dolichos biflorus agglutinin-peroxidase (DBA) conjugate as a strain-specific marker. Using serial tangential sections of heterogeneously stained villi and plotting the distribution of labelled/unlabelled cells with a drawing tube, and by three-dimensional reconstruction with the aid of computer graphics, we show the migration pathway to be in tight cohorts of similar DBA-peroxidase staining type, which move upwards in straight lines. There is little cell mixing either on the villus or along the crypt-villus junctions. Our observations also show for the first time that a single crypt can feed cells to more than one villus. They also suggest that either cell loss is not confined to the villus tips but can take place from the villus sides, or that there is marked asynchrony of cell production between crypts.
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Ponder Group
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01 May 1985
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Bruce Ponder