F Shaikh, B Franc, E Allen, E Sala, O Awan, K Hendrata, S Halabi, S Mohiuddin, S Malik, D Hadley, R Shrestha
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J Am Coll Radiol
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15(3 Pt B):538-542
Enterprise imaging has channeled various technological innovations to the field of clinical radiology, ranging from advanced imaging equipment and postacquisition iterative reconstruction tools to image analysis and computer-aided detection tools. More recently, the advancements in the field of quantitative image analysis coupled with machine learning-based data analytics, classification, and integration have ushered us into the era of radiomics, which has tremendous potential in clinical decision support as well as drug discovery. There are important issues to consider to incorporate radiomics as a clinically applicable system and a commercially viable solution. In this two-part series, we offer insights into the development of the translational pipeline for radiomics from methodology to clinical implementation (Part 1) and from that to enterprise development (Part 2).
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01 Mar 2018
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