DT Odom, RD Dowell, ES Jacobsen, W Gordon, TW Danford, KD MacIsaac, PA Rolfe, CM Conboy, DK Gifford, E Fraenkel
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Nat Genet
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We demonstrate that the binding sites for highly conserved transcription factors vary extensively between human and mouse. We mapped the binding of four tissue-specific transcription factors (FOXA2, HNF1A, HNF4A and HNF6) to 4,000 orthologous gene pairs in hepatocytes purified from human and mouse livers. Despite the conserved function of these factors, from 41% to 89% of their binding events seem to be species specific. When the same protein binds the promoters of orthologous genes, approximately two-thirds of the binding sites do not align.
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Odom Group
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01 Jun 2007
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Duncan Odom