RD Finn, J Tate, J Mistry, PC Coggill, SJ Sammut, H-R Hotz, G Ceric, K Forslund, SR Eddy, ELL Sonnhammer, A Bateman
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Nucleic Acids Res
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36(Database issue):D281-D288
Pfam is a comprehensive collection of protein domains and families, represented as multiple sequence alignments and as profile hidden Markov models. The current release of Pfam (22.0) contains 9318 protein families. Pfam is now based not only on the UniProtKB sequence database, but also on NCBI GenPept and on sequences from selected metagenomics projects. Pfam is available on the web from the consortium members using a new, consistent and improved website design in the UK (, the USA ( and Sweden (, as well as from mirror sites in France ( and South Korea (
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31 Jan 2008
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