G Murphy, U Bretz, M Baggiolini, JJ Reynolds
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Biochem J
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Two metallo-proteinases of human neutrophil leucocytes, collagenase and gelatinase, were studied. Collagenase specifically cleaved native collagen into the TCA and TCB fragments, whereas gelatinase degraded denatured collagen, i.e. gelatin, and the TCA fragments produced by collagenase. On subcellular fractionation by zonal sedimentation, collagenase was found to be localized in the specific granules, separate from gelatinase, which was recovered in smaller subcellular organelles known as C-particles. Neither enzyme was present in the azurophil granules, which contain the two major serine proteinases of neutrophils, elastase and cathepsin G. Collagenase and gelatinase were separated by gel filtration from extracts of partially purified granules. Both enzymes were found to occur in latent forms and were activated either by trypsin or by 4-aminophenylmercuric acetate. Gelatinase was also activated by cathepsin G, which, however, destroyed collagenase. Both enzymes were destroyed by neutrophil elastase. Activation resulted in a decrease by 25 000 in the apparent mol. wt. of both latent metallo-proteinases.
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31 Oct 1980
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