B Aranda, P Achuthan, Y Alam-Faruque, I Armean, A Bridge, C Derow, M Feuermann, AT Ghanbarian, S Kerrien, J Khadake, J Kerssemakers, C Leroy, M Menden, M Michaut, L Montecchi-Palazzi, SN Neuhauser, S Orchard, V Perreau, B Roechert, K van Eijk, H Hermjakob
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Nucleic Acids Res
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38(Database issue):D525-D531
IntAct is an open-source, open data molecular interaction database and toolkit. Data is abstracted from the literature or from direct data depositions by expert curators following a deep annotation model providing a high level of detail. As of September 2009, IntAct contains over 200.000 curated binary interaction evidences. In response to the growing data volume and user requests, IntAct now provides a two-tiered view of the interaction data. The search interface allows the user to iteratively develop complex queries, exploiting the detailed annotation with hierarchical controlled vocabularies. Results are provided at any stage in a simplified, tabular view. Specialized views then allows 'zooming in' on the full annotation of interactions, interactors and their properties. IntAct source code and data are freely available at
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31 Jan 2010
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