Z Ji, H Mohammed, A Webber, J Ridsdale, N Han, JS Carroll, AD Sharrocks
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Nucleic Acids Res
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There are numerous forkhead transcription factors in mammalian cells but we know little about the molecular functions of the majority of these. FOXK2 is a ubiquitously expressed family member suggesting an important function across multiple cell types. Here, we show that FOXK2 binds to the SIN3A and PR-DUB complexes. The PR-DUB complex contains the important tumour suppressor protein, the deubiquitinase BAP1. FOXK2 recruits BAP1 to DNA, promotes local histone deubiquitination and causes changes in target gene activity. Our results therefore provide an important link between BAP1 and the transcription factor FOXK2 and demonstrate how BAP1 can be recruited to specific regulatory loci.
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Carroll Group
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01 Jun 2014
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