A Montero-Luis, C Aristei, I Meattini, M Arenas, L Boersma, C Bourgier, C Coles, B Cutuli, L Falcinelli, O Kaidar-Person, MC Leonardi, B Offersen, F Marazzi, S Rivera, L Tagliaferri, V Tombolini, C Vidali, V Valentini, P Poortmans
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Crit Rev Oncol Hematol
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BACKGROUND: Risk factors for local recurrence after mastectomy in ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) emerged as a grey area during the second "Assisi Think Tank Meeting" (ATTM) on Breast Cancer. AIM: To review practice patterns of post-mastectomy radiation therapy (PMRT) in DCIS, identify risk factors for recurrence and select suitable candidates for PMRT. METHODS: A questionnaire concerning DCIS management, focusing on PMRT, was distributed online via SurveyMonkey. RESULTS: 142 responses were received from 15 countries. The majority worked in academic institutions, had 5-20 years work-experience and irradiated <5 DCIS patients/year. PMRT was more given if: surgical margins <1 mm, high-grade, multicentricity, young age, tumour size >5 cm, skin- or nipple- sparing mastectomy. Moderate hypofractionation was the most common schedule, except after immediate breast reconstruction (57% conventional fractionation). CONCLUSIONS: The present survey highlighted risk factors for PMRT administration, which should be further evaluated.
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31 Mar 2019
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