S Müller, K Laxmi-Reddy, PV Jena, B Baptiste, Z Dong, F Godde, T Ha, R Rodriguez, S Balasubramanian, I Huc
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We previously identified quinoline-based oligoamide helical foldamers and a trimeric macrocycle as selective ligands of DNA quadruplexes. Their helical structures might permit targeting of the backbone loops and grooves of G-quadruplexes instead of the G-tetrads. Given the vast array of morphologies G-quadruplex structures can adopt, this might be a way to achieve sequence selective binding. Here, we describe the design and synthesis of molecules based on macrocyclic and helically folded oligoamides. We tested their ability to interact with the human telomeric G-quadruplex and an array of promoter G-quadruplexes by using FRET melting assay and single-molecule FRET. Our results show that they constitute very potent ligands--comparable to the best so far reported. Their modes of interaction differ from those of traditional tetrad binders, thus opening avenues for the development of molecules specific for certain G-quadruplex conformations.
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Balasubramanian Group
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24 Nov 2014
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Shankar Balasubramanian