B Basu, B Sirohi, P Corrie
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Endocr Relat Cancer
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Systemic therapy is one of a number of treatment options routinely used in the management of advanced, unresectable neuroendocrine tumours (NETs). In contrast to many of the other NET treatment modalities, there is at least some evidence base to justify its use. Even so, well-designed clinical trials are limited, since conducting clinical research in this complex group of rare cancers is challenging. The remit of this review article is to summarise the oncology literature and explain the role of systemic therapy in treating NETs of gastroenteropancreatic origin, identifying benefits and limitations. The molecular biology of NETs is now being unravelled, which affords new opportunities for development of mechanism-driven therapies. The rationale for some of the newer systemic targeted therapies that are showing promise in the clinic is discussed.
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31 Mar 2010
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