RA Williamson, BJ Smith, S Angal, G Murphy, RB Freedman
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Biochim Biophys Acta
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Tryptic digests of recombinant TIMP-1 have been resolved on reverse-phase HPLC and the major peaks identified by N-terminal sequencing. This procedure accounted for the entire molecule, except two short peptides of 2 and 4 amino acids in length. The peptide map was used to (i), characterize an insoluble 'core' peptide seen on digestion of TIMP-1 in non-reducing conditions; (ii), confirm the structure of delta 127-184TIMP-1, a recently described truncated form of the TIMP-1 molecule; (iii), identify exposed regions of the intact and truncated TIMP-1 molecules by measuring the rate of tryptic peptide release and (iv), locate sites of aberrant proteolysis seen when recombinant human TIMP-1 was purified at large scale.
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31 May 1993
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