DJ McIntyre, F Hennel, PG Morris
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J Magn Reson
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An imaging sequence based on a spin-echo train has been developed which is free from geometric distortions in the imaging plane due to main field inhomogeneity. Such inhomogeneities, and chemical shifts, cause only a displacement in the selected slice, which is minimized by the use of high gradient strengths and short radiofrequency pulses. Additionally, variations in the radiofrequency field strength cause variations in the image amplitude but cause no other artifacts. This allows the use of low-flip-angle refocusing pulses, reducing the power deposition to levels which are safe in vivo at high field strengths. The sequence was implemented on a Bruker whole-body 3T system. Example images from a perfluorocarbon phantom and a human head are presented.
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Pre-clinical Imaging
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01 Jan 1998
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