SJ Clark, R Argelaguet, C-A Kapourani, TM Stubbs, HJ Lee, C Alda-Catalinas, F Krueger, G Sanguinetti, G Kelsey, JC Marioni, O Stegle, W Reik
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Nat Commun
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Parallel single-cell sequencing protocols represent powerful methods for investigating regulatory relationships, including epigenome-transcriptome interactions. Here, we report a single-cell method for parallel chromatin accessibility, DNA methylation and transcriptome profiling. scNMT-seq (single-cell nucleosome, methylation and transcription sequencing) uses a GpC methyltransferase to label open chromatin followed by bisulfite and RNA sequencing. We validate scNMT-seq by applying it to differentiating mouse embryonic stem cells, finding links between all three molecular layers and revealing dynamic coupling between epigenomic layers during differentiation.
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Marioni Group
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22 Feb 2018
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