A Tichon, RB-T Perry, L Stojic, I Ulitsky
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Genes Dev
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The number of known long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) functions is rapidly growing, but how those functions are encoded in their sequence and structure remains poorly understood. NORAD (noncoding RNA activated by DNA damage) is a recently characterized, abundant, and highly conserved lncRNA that is required for proper mitotic divisions in human cells. NORAD acts in the cytoplasm and antagonizes repressors from the Pumilio family that bind at least 17 sites spread through 12 repetitive units in NORAD sequence. Here we study conserved sequences in NORAD repeats, identify additional interacting partners, and characterize the interaction between NORAD and the RNA-binding protein SAM68 (KHDRBS1), which is required for NORAD function in antagonizing Pumilio. These interactions provide a paradigm for how repeated elements in a lncRNA facilitate function.
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01 Jan 2018
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