S Vaughan, JI Coward, RC Bast, A Berchuck, JS Berek, JD Brenton, G Coukos, CC Crum, R Drapkin, D Etemadmoghadam, M Friedlander, H Gabra, SB Kaye, CJ Lord, E Lengyel, DA Levine, IA McNeish, U Menon, GB Mills, KP Nephew, AM Oza, AK Sood, EA Stronach, H Walczak, DD Bowtell, FR Balkwill
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Nat Rev Cancer
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There have been major advances in our understanding of the cellular and molecular biology of the human malignancies that are collectively referred to as ovarian cancer. At a recent Helene Harris Memorial Trust meeting, an international group of researchers considered actions that should be taken to improve the outcome for women with ovarian cancer. Nine major recommendations are outlined in this Opinion article.
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Brenton Group
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23 Sep 2011
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