HJ Luxton, K Barnouin, G Kelly, S Hanrahan, N Totty, DE Neal, HC Whitaker
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Mol Oncol
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The pivotal role of LYRIC/AEG-1 in malignant transformation, tumourigenesis and chemo-resistance has previously been demonstrated in different cell types and sub-cellular compartments. The localisation of LYRIC/AEG-1 appears crucial to its function and is regulated by three lysine-rich nuclear localisation signal regions, one of which was previously demonstrated to be modified by ubiquitin. Here we show that mutation of LYRIC/AEG-1 at K486 and K491 results in a loss of ubiquitination. A K486/491R double mutant that is incapable of ubiquitination shows reduced binding to the NFκB subunit p65 or importin-β resulting in a distinctive peri-nuclear localisation of LYRIC/AEG-1. We also provide evidence to suggest that TOPORS, an E3 ligase that also regulates p53 modification may be responsible for LYRIC/AEG-1 ubiquitin modification. Overall we demonstrate that specific sites of LYRIC/AEG-1 ubiquitination are essential for regulating LYRIC/AEG-1 localisation and functionally interacting proteins.
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31 May 2014
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