WW Wong, RM Jack, JA Smith, CA Kennedy, DT Fearon
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J Immunol Methods
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The human C3b/C4b receptor (CR1) is a polymorphic glycoprotein that is expressed on erythrocytes, leukocytes and glomerular podocytes. Further structural analysis and molecular genetic studies would be facilitated by the availability of relatively larger amounts of purified CR1. Milligram quantities of CR1 were purified from erythrocyte membranes 10,000-fold with an average yield of 30-40% by a rapid procedure which utilized sequential chromatography on Matrex Red A and a monoclonal anti-CR1 antibody affinity column. The purified receptor was homogeneous by SDS-PAGE and consisted of the 2 most common alleles of CR1. Purified CR1 also retained its function of serving as a cofactor for the cleavage of C3b to iC3b, C3dg and C3c. The amino acid composition was typical of that of a globular protein and sequence analysis of the N-terminus of the purified CR1 revealed that it was blocked.
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30 Sep 1985
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