Z Zhang, PG Winyard, K Chidwick, G Murphy, M Wardell, RW Carrell, DR Blake
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Biochim Biophys Acta
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Matrilysin is shown to rapidly inactivate alpha 1PI, an inhibitor of elastase, by cleaving the Pro357-Met358 peptide bond of its reactive centre. The rate of inactivation of alpha 1PI by matrilysin is four times higher than stromelysin. Matrilysin cleaves oxidised alpha 1PI at the Phe352-Leu353 bond, whilst stromelysin cleaves oxidised alpha 1PI at the Met358-Ser359 bond. We conclude that matrilysin is a potent serpinase which could play a role in inflammatory tissue damage by proteolytically inactivating alpha 1PI.
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28 Feb 1994
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