DT Fearon, KF Austen, S Ruddy
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J Exp Med
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The activity of properdin factor D was measured by the generation of the hemolytically active cellular intermediate, EAC43B(D), bearing the C3b-dependent alternate pathway C3 convertase. Treatment of factor D with DFP prevented formation of EAC43B(D); thus, a serine esterase is essential for the generation of the alternate pathway C3 convertase, a situation analogous to the role of C1 in the formation of the classical C3 convertase, C42. The definition of factor D as a serine esterase prompted a search for its proenzyme form, and resulted in the chromatographic isolation from plasma of a single peak of trypsin-inducible factor D activity, distinct from activated factor D. Analytical gel filtration indicated an apparent mol wt of 25,000. This protein from which trypsin elaborated factor D activity, as assessed by the formation of EAC43B(D), the generation of the CoVF-dependent C3 convertase, and the cleavage of factor B in the presence of C3b, was designated "precursor factor D." The DFP resistance of precursor factor D, and the susceptibility of its trypsin-activated form to inactivation by DFP is analogous to the behavior of other plasma serine esterases, including C1.
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31 Jan 1974
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