A Comment, J Rentsch, F Kurdzesau, S Jannin, K Uffmann, RB van Heeswijk, P Hautle, JA Konter, B van den Brandt, JJ van der Klink
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J Magn Reson
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New low-temperature inserts compatible with an existing hyperpolarizer were developed to dynamically polarize nuclei in large samples. The performance of the system was tested on 8 ml glassy frozen solutions containing 13C-labeled molecules and doped with nitroxyl free radicals. The obtained 13C low-temperature polarization was comparable to the one measured on 20 times smaller sample volume with only 3-4 times higher microwave power. By using a dissolution insert that fits to the new design, it was possible to obtain about 120 ml of room-temperature hyperpolarized solution. The polarization as well as the molecule concentration was comparable to the values obtained in standard size hyperpolarized samples. Such large samples are interesting for future studies on larger animals and possibly for potential clinical applications.
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01 Sep 2008
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