EM Donovan, L Ciurlionis, J Fairfoul, H James, H Mayles, S Manktelow, S Raj, Y Tsang, N Tywman, J Yarnold, C Coles
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Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys
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PURPOSE: To establish planning solutions for a concomitant three-level radiation dose distribution to the breast using linear accelerator- or tomotherapy-based intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), for the U.K. Intensity Modulated and Partial Organ (IMPORT) High trial. METHODS AND MATERIALS: Computed tomography data sets for 9 patients undergoing breast conservation surgery with implanted tumor bed gold markers were used to prepare three-level dose distributions encompassing the whole breast (36 Gy), partial breast (40 Gy), and tumor bed boost (48 or 53 Gy) treated concomitantly in 15 fractions within 3 weeks. Forward and inverse planned IMRT and tomotherapy were investigated as solutions. A standard electron field was compared with a photon field arrangement encompassing the tumor bed boost volume. The out-of-field doses were measured for all methods. RESULTS: Dose-volume constraints of volume >90% receiving 32.4 Gy and volume >95% receiving 50.4 Gy for the whole breast and tumor bed were achieved. The constraint of volume >90% receiving 36 Gy for the partial breast was fulfilled in the inverse IMRT and tomotherapy plans and in 7 of 9 cases of a forward planned IMRT distribution. An electron boost to the tumor bed was inadequate in 8 of 9 cases. The IMRT methods delivered a greater whole body dose than the standard breast tangents. A contralateral lung volume >2.5 Gy was increased in the inverse IMRT and tomotherapy plans, although it did not exceed the constraint. CONCLUSION: We have demonstrated a set of widely applicable solutions that fulfilled the stringent clinical trial requirements for the delivery of a concomitant three-level dose distribution to the breast.
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15 Mar 2011
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