NA Walton, JD Brenton, C Caldas, MJ Irwin, A Akram, E Gonzalez-Solares, JR Lewis, PH Maccallum, LJ Morris, GT Rixon
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Philos Trans A Math Phys Eng Sci
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This paper describes 'PathGrid'--an analysis and data integration system, developed initially to meet the demands in the analysis of medical microscopy imaging data. An overview of the current system is given, describing the techniques used in developing the data handling infrastructure and the analysis algorithm development. The use of software created in the context of systems designed for the astronomy domain is noted, specifically infrastructure from the astronomy virtual observatory movement for data discovery, access and workflow management, and astronomical image analysis software adapted for the analysis of high-throughput astronomy imaging surveys. This paper notes the applicability of the techniques from the astronomy domain. The testbed infrastructure deployment is described, emphasizing its speed and ease of use and support. The validity of the analysis techniques is confirmed through the pilot study described here--with the application to a large sample of immunohistochemistry microscopy data obtained in part for assessing the oestrogen receptor status of breast cancers. The analysis showed that the specificity and sensitivity values for the automatic scoring using PathGrid were within the errors of those obtained via a 'gold standard' manual pathologist scoring.
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Caldas Group, Brenton Group
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28 Aug 2010
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