LN Maslov, EI Barzakh, AV Krylatov, GA Chernysheva, T Krieg, NV Solenkova, AY Lishmanov, SY Cybulnikov, Y Zhang
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Bull Exp Biol Med
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The cardioprotective properties of a δ₂-opioid receptor agonist deltorphin II were studied in rats with coronary occlusion and reperfusion. Opioid receptor ligands and inhibitors (glybenclamide, chelerythrine, and 5-hydroxydecanoate) were injected intravenously before ischemia and reperfusion. A δ₂-opioid receptor agonist deltorphin II significantly decreased the infarction zone/risk zone index. This effect was abolished by naltrexone, naloxone methiodide, and δ₂-opioid receptor antagonist naltriben, but not by a δ₁-opioid receptor antagonist BNTX. The infarct-limiting effect of deltorphin II was not observed after inhibition of protein kinase C or blockade of mitochondrial K(ATP) channels.
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01 Oct 2010
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