F Arias-Mendoza, GS Payne, K Zakian, M Stubbs, OA O'Connor, H Mojahed, MR Smith, AJ Schwarz, A Shukla-Dave, F Howe, H Poptani, S-C Lee, R Pettengel, SJ Schuster, D Cunningham, A Heerschap, JD Glickson, JR Griffiths, JA Koutcher, MO Leach, TR Brown
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Acad Radiol
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RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: Based on their association with malignant proliferation, using noninvasive phosphorus MR spectroscopic imaging ((31)P MRSI), we measured the tumor content of the phospholipid-related phosphomonoesters (PME), phosphoethanolamine and phospholcholine, and its correlation with treatment outcome in newly diagnosed patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) receiving standard first-line chemotherapy. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: The PME value normalized to nucleoside triphosphates (PME/NTP) was measured using (31)P MRSI in tumor masses of 20 patients with DLBCL before receiving standard first-line chemotherapy. Response at 6 months was complete in 13 patients and partial in seven. Time to treatment failure (TTF) was ≤11 months in eight patients, from 18 to 30 months in three, and ≥60 months in nine. RESULTS: On a t test, the pretreatment tumor PME/NTP mean value (SD, n) of patients with a complete response at 6 months was 1.42 (0.41, 13), which was significantly different from the value of 2.46 (0.40, 7) in patients with partial response (P < .00001). A Fisher test significantly correlated the PME/NTP values with response at 6 months (sensitivity and specificity at 0.85, P < .004) while a Cox proportional hazards regression significantly correlated the PME/NTP values with TTF (hazard ratio = 5.21, P < .02). A Kaplan-Meier test set apart a group entirely composed of patients with TTF ≤ 11 months (hazard ratio = 8.66, P < .00001). CONCLUSIONS: The pretreatment tumor PME/NTP values correlated with response to treatment at 6 months and time to treatment failure in newly diagnosed patients with DLBCL treated with first-line chemotherapy, and therefore they could be used to predict treatment outcome in these patients.
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01 Sep 2013
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