AM Dunning, CS Healey, PD Pharoah, NA Foster, JM Lipscombe, KL Redman, DF Easton, NE Day, BA Ponder
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Br J Cancer
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A recent study showed an association between a single base substitution, T-->C, in the promotor region of the CYP17 gene, the risk of breast cancer and age at menarche in Asian, African-American and Latino women from California and Hawaii. The C allele was associated with increased risk of breast cancer, significantly so for patients presenting with advanced disease, whereas the TT genotype was associated with later age at menarche in control subjects. We attempted to confirm these findings in a large case-control study in East Anglia, England (835 cases and 591 control subjects). We found no evidence of an increased risk of breast cancer [odds ratio (OR) 1.10, confidence interval (CI) 0.89-1.37] or advanced breast cancer (OR 0.88, CI 0.38-2.01) in C allele carriers, nor any association between age at menarche and genotype. We conclude that these alleles do not significantly alter breast cancer risk in the English population.
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Ponder Group
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01 Jun 1998
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