K Kim, J Yoon, Y Park
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Opt Lett
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Herein is presented an optical diffraction tomography (ODT) technique for measuring 3-D refractive index (RI) maps of optical plastic lenses. A Mach-Zehnder interferometer was used to measure multiple complex optical fields of a plastic lens immersed in RI-matching oil at various rotational orientations. From this, ODT was used to reconstruct a 3-D RI distribution of the plastic lens with unprecedented RI sensitivity (Δn=4.21×10(-5) and high resolution (12.8 μm). As a demonstration, 3-D RI distributions of a 2 mm-diameter borosilicate sphere and a 5 mm-diameter plastic lens were reconstructed. Defects in the lens, generated by pulsed laser ablation, were also detected using the present method.
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29 Feb 2016
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Jonghee Yoon