PL Di Paolo, HA Vargas, CA Karlo, Y Lakhman, J Zheng, CS Moskowitz, HA Al-Ahmadie, E Sala, BH Bochner, H Hricak
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Clin Imaging
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OBJECTIVES: To evaluate if computed tomographic (CT) features of intradiverticular bladder cancer can predict clinical outcome. METHODS: Retrospective study of 34 patients with intradiverticular bladder cancer. Two radiologists independently evaluated all CT exams. RESULTS: CT tumor length and width were significantly associated with survival for both readers [hazard ratios (HRs) 1.31-1.62, P<.001-.043]. No other tumor features were significantly associated with survival. The interreader agreement for the assessment of CT features was fair to substantial (k=0.34-0.78, concordance correlation coefficient=0.56-0.66). There was no association between transurethral resection pathology stage and survival (HR 2.10, P=.21). CONCLUSIONS: In patients with intradiverticular bladder cancer, the tumor length and width measured on the pretreatment CT predicted survival.
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01 Jan 2015
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