RN Smith, J Aleksic, D Butano, A Carr, S Contrino, F Hu, M Lyne, R Lyne, A Kalderimis, K Rutherford, R Stepan, J Sullivan, M Wakeling, X Watkins, G Micklem
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SUMMARY: InterMine is an open-source data warehouse system that facilitates the building of databases with complex data integration requirements and a need for a fast customizable query facility. Using InterMine, large biological databases can be created from a range of heterogeneous data sources, and the extensible data model allows for easy integration of new data types. The analysis tools include a flexible query builder, genomic region search and a library of 'widgets' performing various statistical analyses. The results can be exported in many commonly used formats. InterMine is a fully extensible framework where developers can add new tools and functionality. Additionally, there is a comprehensive set of web services, for which client libraries are provided in five commonly used programming languages. AVAILABILITY: Freely available from under the LGPL license. CONTACT: SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.
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01 Dec 2012
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