J Hmeljak, F Sanchez-Vega, KA Hoadley, J Shih, C Stewart, DI Heiman, P Tarpey, L Danilova, E Drill, EA Gibb, R Bowlby, R Kanchi, HU Osmanbeyoglu, Y Sekido, J Takeshita, Y Newton, K Graim, M Gupta, CM Gay, L Diao, DL Gibbs, V Thorsson, L Iype, HS Kantheti, DT Severson, G Ravegnini, P Desmeules, AA Jungbluth, WD Travis, S Dacic, LR Chirieac, F Galateau-Salle, J Fujimoto, AN Husain, HC Silveira, VW Rusch, RC Rintoul, H Pass, H Kindler, MG Zauderer, DJ Kwiatkowski, R Bueno, AS Tsao, J Creaney, T Lichtenberg, K Leraas, J Bowen, T Research Network, I Felau, JC Zenklusen, R Akbani, AD Cherniack, LA Byers, MS Noble, JA Fletcher, G Robertson, R Shen, H Aburatani, BW Robinson, P Campbell, M Ladanyi
Journal name: 
Cancer Discov
Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) is a highly lethal cancer of the lining of the chest cavity. To expand our understanding of MPM, we conducted a comprehensive integrated genomic study, including the most detailed analysis of BAP1 alterations to date. We identified histology-independent molecular prognostic subsets, and defined a novel genomic subtype with TP53 and SETDB1 mutations and extensive loss of heterozygosity. We also report strong expression of the immune checkpoint gene VISTA in epithelioid MPM, strikingly higher than in other solid cancers, with implications for the immune response to MPM and for its immunotherapy. Our findings highlight new avenues for further investigation of MPM biology and novel therapeutic options.
E-pub date: 
30 Sep 2018
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