J Gavrilovíc, JJ Reynolds, G Murphy
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Cell Biol Int Rep
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Rabbit VX2 tumour cells in culture produced a collagenolytic activity which was shown to be immunologically identical to collagenase from rabbit articular chondrocytes and bone. VX2 cells degraded type I collagen films spontaneously and did not produce detectable levels of the tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases (TIMP). Chondrocytes, however, required both stimulation of collagenase synthesis and activation to effect lysis and were observed to make appreciable amounts of TIMP. The degradation of type I collagen films by VX2 tumour cells was significantly inhibited by both a specific antibody to rabbit collagenase and by purified TIMP, thus demonstrating the unequivocal role of collagenase in this model system.
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01 Dec 1985
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