B Basu, P Correa de Sampaio, H Mohammed, M Fogarasi, P Corrie, NA Watkins, PA Smethurst, WR English, WH Ouwehand, G Murphy
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Int J Biochem Cell Biol
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The membrane associated MMP, MT1-MMP, is a critical pericellular protease involved in tumour cell invasion and angiogenesis and is highly up-regulated in numerous human cancers. It therefore represents an exciting new therapeutic cancer-specific target. We have generated recombinant human scFv antibodies against the non-catalytic, hemopexin domain of MT1-MMP that modulate its interactions with collagen. One of these is an effective inhibitor of the invasive capacity of cancer cells and of angiogenesis in model systems. This demonstrates that targeting sites outside the catalytic domain presents a potential novel approach to proteinase inhibition that could have applications in cancer therapeutics.
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01 Feb 2012
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